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  How much does it cost?  View Quality & Cost Comparison   Top
  CrystalClear Water costs less than One Half of One Penny per Gallon. Think about it! 
  What kinds of guarantees are provided for my CrystalClear Home System?  Top
    CrystalClear Home offers a complete, money-back performance guarantee for the first six months you
own the system.  Additionally, all major components of the system carry extended manufacturer’s warranties
up to 25 years.
  Why do I need a CrystalClear Home System?  Top
The CrystalClear Home system will provide your family with clean, healthy, safe conditioned water that
saves you money and reduces water usage, while helping to protect your property, your home and the
  How does the CrystalClear Home System work?   Diagram & Components   Top
  The raw water supply that comes to your property first passes through our catalytic water conditioner and
its unique patented design permanently neutralizes the hard water minerals.  The naturally conditioned water
then passes through our commercial graded automatic filtration system for the removal of chlorine, chemicals,
pollutants and other impurities.  The whole-house component also provides further lime scale-inhibiting
properties, protecting plumbing, fixtures and appliances from hard water damage.  This total property approach
provides you with great tasting, healthy water from every faucet in your home, as well as wetter water and
greatly reduced scale build up and spotting issues.
  What health benefits will the CrystalClear Home System provide for my family?   View Benefits   Top
  Chemicals can make the water smell and taste bad, and can also pose a potential health risk. Chlorine and
its by-products in your drinking, showering and bathing water can irritate skin and magnify asthma symptoms,
as well as aggravate other health conditions.  Your family members absorb substantial amounts of chlorine
and chemicals, when present, into their bodies while showering or bathing.  Our whole-house filtration system
will remove chlorine, its’ by products and other impurities so your family will have safe, clean water for bathing,
cooking and drinking out of every faucet.
  What does the CrystalClear Home System consist of?  Diagram & Components   Top
  The entire CrystalClear Home system consists of two separate components: The catalytic water conditioner
and our multi-stage automatic whole-house filtration system. The catalytic water conditioner has a non-
sacrificial patented core that is contained in a copper body and requires no electricity.  The automatic whole-
house filtration system houses (1) NSF approved KDF media that prohibits bacterial growth and removes or reduces heavy metals, (2) special catalytic carbon for the removal or reduction of chloramines and groundwater contaminants such as sulfur, (3) high capacity coconut shell activated carbon for the removal or reduction of chemicals and impurities, (4) quartz media that allows a high flow rate while protecting pressure and volume, and (5) a proprietary salt-free lime-scale reduction device.
The whole-house filter automatically back-flushes on a regular basis to keep the media fresh and clean.
  What are the maintenance and costs to run the CrystalClear Home System?  Top
  There is no regular monthly maintenance, no filter cartridge to change, and no service contract.  The media in the
automatic whole-house filtration system needs simple a 3–4 Years Interim Service. Then another interim service at 7-8 years. A major service is required at 10-12 years. This schedule is more conservative due to the many changes in water quality in the Coachella Valley over the last 10 years. No water system can effectively reduce chemicals and hard water issues if you do not maintain them properly.
  Where will the CrystalClear Home System be installed on my property?  Diagram & Components   Top
  The catalytic water conditioner is installed on the main water, immediately after the water meter, to address
all water on your property including your landscape, pool, spa and/or water features.  The automatic whole-
house filtration system is installed on the water main that feeds the home with hot and cold domestic water
(usually located in the garage).
  Does the CrystalClear Home System remove existing scale build-up in my home?  Top
  Yes!  The conditioned water actually draws existing scale build-up back into solution, thereby providing a 
cleaning effect in the plumbing and elsewhere throughout your home.
  What will the CrystalClear Home System do for my lawn and vegetation?  Top
  The conditioned water modifies the surface tension of the water, which enables the water to penetrate the
soil more easily (standing water is eliminated).  This allows more water and nutrients to get into the root zones,
resulting in a reduction of water usage.  Requirements for fertilizers and chemicals are greatly reduced.
Additionally, the conditioned water prevents the build-up of scale on the root balls of plant life, allowing much
better adsorption of nutrients and healthier, natural growth.
  How will my pool, spa and landscape benefit from the CrystalClear Home System?  View Benefits   Top
  Conditioned water will greatly reduce scale build-up in the pool, spa and water features, while protecting the
pumps and heating equipment from damage caused by raw hard water.  Algae growth is reduced, further
minimizing the requirements for chemical treatment.