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CrystalClear Water - Serving the           Communities of the Coachella Valley                                        Since 2000!
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"My husband and I recently purchased the CrystalClear water system. I can honestly say it is the best system we have ever owned. The water is delicious and refreshing. Best of all, there are no water marks on the shower doors. One more thing I noticed which amazed me is that some of my plastic bowls had a white residue on them that would not come off. After running them through my dishwasher just once, that residue is gone! I also want to commend Cindy. She is very professional and answered our calls and questions immediately. She even had Fitz call me because my husband told her he first heard about CrystalClear on Fitz's show. She quoted us a price for the unit and told us there were no hidden costs, nor would there ever be. When the plumber came out to see where the unit would be put, he said a trench would have to be built and a housing unit would have to installed to protect the unit as it was going to be outside. My first thought was, "here we go, additional costs to jack up the price". I asked Cindy how much that was going to cost, and she said "nothing I told you there were no hidden costs and I meant it ". Now, that is something I can live with. She even brought you, Craig, to our house the day the system was being installed. We are so impressed with you and your company, we have been telling all of our friends about you. Also, the contractors who actually did the installation were just great! Thank you for a wonderful system and wonderful people to work with. It has been our pleasure." Marianne and Russ B., Palm Desert, CA
"My family and I have had our CrystalClear Water filtration system now for about 3 years. When I had a plumber uninstall the system a couple of days before we moved across the country so that we could pack it up, we immediately noticed the drastic difference in water quality. My wife had been less enthusiastic than I was before we purchased it, as we already had a drinking water filtration system. After it was taken out, she went to give our son a bath, and when I joined her to say goodnight, her first words were, 'It smells like a pool in here!' Thanks for keeping our baths and showers pool water free!" J.L., Fort Collins, CO
"I decided to take a chance and contracted for the system to be installed. It is truly fantastic! Almost overnight I noticed a radical change."
Jacqueline W., Palm Desert, CA
"It's now "crystal clear" to me why I made the switch to Crystal Clear Water. Forget bottled water and make the switch to Crystal Clear Water in your home. Don't gamble with your health. All that nasty stuff you might find in regular water like carcinogens, toxins, chlorine…all that garbage, they're all gone when you switch to Crystal Clear. And stop hard water problems! For cooking, cleaning, bathing…everything, I'm thrilled with my Crystal Clear Water!"
Bulldog Bill Feingold from KNews

"We've enjoyed the CrystalClear Water system for over a year now. We love how care and maintenance-free it is! It automatically back washes itself regularly so we don't need the costly quarterly or semi-annual filter changes or service calls that some of our neighbors, with other brands, have to put up with. And the water taste and quality are excellent! We're very satisfied!" Gary N., Palm Springs, California
"I just wanted to share my complete satisfaction with the job your installers did yesterday. Although they worked in over 100 degree weather they did a great job. Unfortunately for them they needed to dig up a fairly large hole in the front in order to find the proper connections to get the water where it needs to be. Today you cannot even tell that there were any holes ever dug. Your men were professional and courteous answering all my questions. Please extend my gratitude to their supervisors. We look forward to enjoying our new Crystal Clear Water System!" Steve G., Desert Hot Springs, California
"This is the solution for all your water problems in the desert. I know firsthand; Wendy and I have enjoyed our system for years. We love the way we feel after bathing and our great tasting, chemical free water at every faucet."
Jimi "Fitz" Fitzgerald from 102.3 KJJZ, Coachella Valley
"As a retired plumber I was skeptical. Since installing the system, all the tile floors, granite counter tops and shower enclosures are much easier to keep spot free." Joe D., Palm Springs, CA
"So easy to clean my home after installing the Crystal Clear Water System! Hard water spots are easily wiped off. Shower doors are so much easier to clean. Also, my plants love their Crystal Clear Water! Thank you Crystal Clear!" C.H., Palm Springs, CA
"What awesome water! Everyone I share it with feels the same way. No more bottled water for me! I'm into healthy!" Matt H., La Quinta, CA
"I have been in the plumbing industry for years. Every time I install a Crystal Clear unit I hear nothing but raves about the improved water quality! Glad to have this product available to my clients!" D.N., Desert Hot Springs, CA
"As a tea drinker, good water is a must! I cannot believe how good and satisfying a cup of tea is now that I have my Crystal Clear Total Property System. No more bottled water for me!"
SLN., Palm Desert, CA
"Your water is so good, even my plants are healthier! I am going to suggest to all my clients they install a system! Almost too good to be true! If it works on plants it will also be beneficial for my health and home. Thanks Crystal Clear!" Jeannie., Palm Desert, CA
"Our new system has already made a noticeable difference in our water. Dishes and glasses come out of the dishwasher without that white residue, and the water actually feels different in the shower. Thank you!" Rob., Palm Springs, CA
"Thank you for producing a product that not only improves the taste of the water but improves and helps us maintain a healthier lifestyle." Michael J., DMD Indio, CA
"The CrystalClear Water device installed at Shadow Hills Golf Club did a wonderful job breaking up surface tension. I would highly recommend this product." Geoff J., Indio, CA


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